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Bonnie Dalzell's Home Page
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This is Bonnie Dalzell's home page. Information contained herein is provided as a resource and aid to those who share my interests and hobbies. Use this information at your own risk and for your own purposes.

My original writings and artwork are copy right (c) B Dalzell and may be reproduced for private use only. Any other use of my writings requires my written permission.

A more complete page about me is

About bdalzell - in these days of identity theft I am not sure how much to put on line.

I have an BA and MA in paleontology, I am a succesful free lance writer and illustrator and I taught human and animal anatomy for over 20 years at various college level instititions. I raise large fast dogs (Borzoi).

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B Dalzell's On Line Dog Information Magazine
with a variety of items of dog information & statistics.
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Quantum Internet Services

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Nice folks!

The Adventures of Wonder Zoi

Wonder Zoi at

Wonder Zoi is created by
Patrick Roach, owner of Panther and Loki


Silkenswift Borzoi

At our new


NetPet Online Magazine

A link to:
NetPet Online Magazine
An online pet magazine with articles and humor as well as vendor's and breeder's showcase.


Attention fellow bearers of the Scots surname Dalzell

Dalzell - Delzell - Dalziel - Dalyell - De'el

around 1999 John M Delzell wrote and published a historical book concening our clan's history:

The Dalzell Survivors of Ancient Scotland.

  • The prepublication price was $42

  • The book is a quality product of over 300 pages and is in content a historical account of the main line of the family name, not just a list of people named Dalzell.

  • For further information contact John Delzell, I do not know if this book is still available:
    John Delzell
    JoDell Publications - Box 265
    East Palatka, Florida 32131
Use this link to see a full pattern sample of the Dalzell Tartan


Contacting Bonnie Dalzell
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snail mail address:
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