This page contains a few custom images I've made or come across

Alien Sky

Not one that I made, but I just like the way this looks.

All Seeing Eye

Made with a Physics program and it's tracing function.

Webpage Background

Starry Background for used in webpages. It tiles seamlessly.

Wallpaper Border

Image of a wallpaper border design.

Leafy Ground

Attempt to take a photo and tile it seamlessly.

Happy Birthday ...You...

Happy Birthday image I made with the third plate customizable for anyone's name.

Kenneth Swisher - President

Image I made stating me as President.

Kenneth Swisher - President (Rust Version)

The above image with a rusty feel to it.

In-Game Design Layout

In-Game screen layout of a game I concepted.

In-Game Design Layout (In Progress)

A screenshot of the project as I was developing it.

Mike Darga - Lead Modeller

Image I made stating Mike Darga as Lead Modeller.

Night Sky 1

Image I made of a night sky.

Night Sky 2

Less detailed night sky.

Quantum Internet Services Logo

Logo I made for QIS, but never released.

Robert Morrison - Vice President

Image I made stating Robert Morrison as Vice President.

Single-Plated Sign

Base design for name/position plates.

Black 1978 Corvette L-82

Altered image of my car, given a black paint job.

Red 1978 Corvette L-82

Unaltered photo of my car.