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Added logo graphics.
Added link to new Quaker statement.
Removed link to earlier Quaker statement.
Removed link to Salon article on dealing with bin Laden.
Removed link to Said's article at The Nation.

Added this file and its link.
Added "More" link to site containing full info on Albright's statements.

Added link to Doctors Without Borders.
Removed link to ( "Lamentation," The Other Side editorial.
Added link to "Seven Million at Risk," Jonathan Schell's "Letter from Ground Zero" Commentary in the 11/5/01 The Nation.

Added link to International Comm. of the Red Cross
Updated link to Muslim Peace Fellowship.

Removed link to "Seven Million at Risk" (The Nation").
Added link to

Removed link to Quaker statement of 10/11/01.
Added link to "What I Would Say to Osama Bin Laden" (Thich Nhat Hanh).
Added The Heifer Project to "How You Can Help" links.

Removed link to, which was bringing up a commercial site.

Added link to Marc Herrold's Dossier on Civilian Casualties of U.S. Bombing in Afghanistan
Updated "New" graphic placement.

Remove links to Herrold's dossier, Thich Nhat Hanh's statement, and other top items.
With no longer registered, moved this page to the Quaker Electronic Archive site and changed links accordingly.