Samuel Fisher on Scripture

The following text from the "Preface to the Reader" in Samuel Fisher's Works, first published in 1679, is from William C. Braithewaite's classic The Beginnings of Quakerism, pp. 289-290.
And because we do not with the misty ministers of the mere letter own the bare external text of scripture entire in every tittle, but say it hath suffered much loss of more than vowels, single letters, and single lines also, yea, even of whole epistles and prophecies of inspired men, the copies of which are not by the clergy canonized nor by the Bible-sellers bound up, and specially because we do not own the said alterable and much altered outward text, but the holy truth and inward light and spirit to be the Word of God, which is living [and] the true touchstone, therefore they cry out against us. Yet the scriptures are owned by us in their due place, and the letter is acknowledged by us full as much as it is by itself, to have been written by men moved of God's Spirit, and to be useful, profitable, serviceable, etc., to be read and heeded.

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