Easter 1994

the sap runs warm through the skin of the cold tree
  the ice breaks, flowers appear
the warm sun explodes on the ground
  creating shadows all around

streams fill with the ice and snow of the hills
  running to the bay
silence is broken with birds returning home
  to the wood

this life is dormant after a long winter
  time to breathe fresh air, clear the lungs!
open the doors and windows
  the dust has settled too long

prepare to dream again 
  open your eyes
see the morning: warm and sharp
  you are still young
welcome to the universe!
there's resurrection in the air 

what is my religion?

What is my religion?
  owning material not made by slave labor
    not of ancient rainforests
a true value reflected in the land
  in the lives of workers

understanding the net that holds our lives

creating a future for my son
  a future of mountains and seas
    of rivers, cities and towns 
a future of desire and love for the divine
I pledge to speak truth to power
  I will speak from the soul for all
    live from the heart for all
from the simple warmth of sun on skin 
  to wild rivers and fields clear without waste 
  to a free tibet, burma and south africa

on and on and on
  the flow of love goes on 
to our dreams, to songs of love
  to the true value of things
the earth, the worker and the lover

ask me again, what is my religion?
  i will tell you with joy
the earth, the worker and the lover

Gary Gillespie is a member of Baltimore Monthly Meeting (Homewood), Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.

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