The following minute was contributed by Friend Dorothy Day.

from Minutes of Illinois Yearly Meeting
100th Annual Sessions from July 31st to August 4th, 1974, inclusive

Illinois Yearly Meeting is aware that there is great diversity in the relationships that people develop with one another. The worth of these relationships must not be judged on the basis of conventionality but rather to the degree that the relationship contributes to the growth of love in those affected.

Homosexual and bisexual people in this society are subject to serious discrimination in many areas: in employment, housing, medical care, family life education, parental rights, and the right to worship. We believe sexual acts in private between consenting adults should be removed from all criminal sanctions. Civil rights should be extended to protect homosexual and bisexual people just as they now protect other groups which suffer discrimination. We urge Friends and Friendly organizations to work for appropriate legislation.

Friends encourage everywhere the development of love and trust in human relationships. In this light, we urge Friends to explore and examine their knowledge and assumptions about sexuality, with special reference to homosexuality, with a view to achieving awareness of the possibility and potentials for growth, love, and trust in these and other intimate relationships.

[The minute] was approved, with expressions from Friends that discussion on the topic should continue.

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