In my own struggles to know and follow Jesus and to be freed from my traumatic childhood, I have used the form of the Lord's prayer over the years to express my deepest struggles. Here is one of those prayers which you may find helpful.

I give permission to forward this prayer in the electronic community of faith.

Blessings and Love, Judy Brutz

He fashioned their hearts individually; he understands all their words. (Psalm 33:15)

Oh God, who fashions our hearts, may You be honored in our daily lives.

As You come to our dwelling place, we will become merciful and just.

Open to us a community of the heart, and release our imprisoned selves as we release those who keep us imprisoned.

Do not bring us where we cannot stand, but do free us from our binding chains.

For your community of grace supports us, your energy strengthens us, and your love heals us.

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