In closing, I would like to share a few personal thoughts about the opportunities which, as a spiritual community, we are afforded by all committed, loving relationships.

We have been offered the opportunity to appreciate a process of commitment which is really quite remarkable.

A couple in love asks the Meeting into its life, asks for the loving discernment of clearness, asks for the Meeting's effort to join in a search for unity that their love is blessed, and asks that the Meeting commit its continuing concern - the Meeting's spiritual, social and emotional resources - to the success and well-being of the couple's relationship.

When the Meeting is able to find unity in responding to a loving couple's request, the Meeting joins the couple in a collective, spiritual commitment: a commitment to the Light which is the source of our ability to discern "goodness", and a commitment to the Love which is the source of our ability to love. After such a shared moment in the Light, it would be impossible for the Meeting not to be impressed with a continuing "concern" for the well-being of the relationship.

That continuing concern is a privilege and obligation not to be casually undertaken. There may be occasions when the Meeting's commitment to continuing concern may not yet have seasoned. In a specific instance, a couple may be ready for commitment while the Meeting is still searching for its vocation, its calling to serve and support the couple's relationship. Yet, when the Meeting can find unity, the couple and the Meeting are truly married for life.

Those moments may create and reveal the Meeting's greatest opportunities as a spiritual community.

In Peace,

Mike Christianson
May, 1995

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