This is a list of resources from Stan Becker, a member of Homewood Meeting (Baltimore, MD) who travels, with Friendly oversight and support, with a concern about rapid world population growth.

Some resources for study/discussion of population growth as a Friends' 

  1. _On World Population_ (book published by Homewood M.M.): $3 plus $1
postage. (The books are $2 each for 10 or more copies.) Homewood Friends 
Meeting, 3107 N. Charles ST, Baltimore MD 21218.

  2. Two pamphlets:
     "World Population Growth as a Friends Concern" and
     "Preserve the Earth: Friends Witness on Rapid Population Growth" 

  3. Two booklets by Stan Becker:
     "Leading a Friendly Session on Population Concerns" ($1)
     "Population-Resources Game: Instructions for the Facilitator(s)" ($2)
  The pamphlets and booklets are available from Friends Committee on Unity
with Nature, 179 Prospect St. Burlington, VT. 05401-1607. Pamphlets are
free unless a quantity is desired ($.15 cost for each). 

  Other general references on population available at local libraries:

  Paul Harrison, _The Third Revolution_ (Penguin, $12.00)
  Meadows, D., et al., _ Beyond the Limits_ (Chelsea Green, $14.95)
  Stan Johnson, _World Population--Turning the Tide (Graham and Trotmann, ?)
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