This file contains addresses of print and electronic resources for persons interested in Quakerism. I hope to add to it as Friends provide me with additional listings. -- G. Amoss

(Most recent update: 8/12/02 -- updated instructions for Quaker-L and Quaker-P e-mail discussion lists.)

Quaker Information Center, (215) 241-7024
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA  19102   USA


Friends General Conference (FGC) Bookstore
1216 Arch ST, 2B
Philadelphia PA 19107


Pendle Hill Bookstore
Box J
Wallingford PA


Quaker Hill Bookstore
Richmond IN
317-962-7575 (info)
800-537-8838 (orders)


Quaker Books in Print Database ($20, disk, e-mail, or hard copy)

Quakers Uniting in Publications
3960 Winding Way
Cincinnati OH 45229-1950

For additional information, contact Roland Kreager,


Friends Journal (an independent Quaker monthly magazine)
1501 Cherry ST
Philadelphia PA 19102-1497
(215) 568-1377
subscription cost (as of 12/94): $21 per year


Quaker Life (a publication of Friends United Meeting; 10 issues/yr.)
101 Quaker Hill DR
Richmond IN 47374-1980


Pendle Hill Publications
Wallingford PA 19086-6099
(215) 566-4514

Pendle Hill, "a Quaker center for study and contemplation," has been 
publishing pamphlets on Quaker concerns since 1934. An annual subscription 
($12, 1992 rate) brings you six new pamphlets. Previously published 
pamphlets, some of which have become "classics," are also available.

Quaker Religious Thought
Theodore E. Perkins, Business Manager
128 Tate Street
Greensboro NC 27403-1837

QRT is sponsored by the Quaker Theological Discussion Group. The 
subscription rate is $16 (1993 rate) per volume (four issues).


Wider Quaker Fellowship (sends mailings to interested non-Quakers)
c/o FWCC
Section of the Americas
1506 Race Street
Philadelphia PA 19102

-- see the file "wqf-1.txt" in this archive for more information



Quaker Electronic Archive (source of this document)
You can link from there to, and then to other Quaker
WWW sites.


E-text of George Fox's Journal is now available. Link to it through
the Quaker Electronic Archive.


Peaceweb, Ottawa (CA) Monthly Meeting Peace & Social Concerns Committee
Home Page, contains excellent resources. In addition to Fox's Journal, you
will find the historic Quaker Peace Testimony, John Woolman's "Plea for
the Poor," and plenty of other material. Point your web browser to:

Electronic Quaker Forums

Quaker-L and Quaker-P Mailing Lists
All messages posted to these lists -- or a digest or index describing 
them, as you specify -- will appear in your "inbox" automatically. You 
can then read them, delete them, save them, etc. You can post messages to 
the list, too. Expect at least five or six messages a day on Quaker-L.

TO SUBSCRIBE TO QUAKER-L (the moderated general Quaker discussion list),

To subscribe to QUAKER-P (the Quaker peace and social action discussion
list), visit

USENET Discussion Group
soc.religion.quaker -- Your network server must subscribe to this group. 
You can then read messages and post them as you wish. Unlike the mailing 
lists, USENET messages do not go into your inbox; you must invoke your 
newsreader software and direct it to the group. Most newsreader software 
will permit you to save copies of messages if you wish.

Quaker BBS (Portland, Oregon)
The Meeting House
(503) 359-0778
24 hrs. a day.
E-mail for information
FIDO Net 1/105.308

28.8K 8,N,1


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