The following is excerpted from a brochure on the Wider Quaker Fellowship. It is reproduced here with permission.

The Wider Quaker Fellowship is an association of persons of diverse backgrounds who wish to have ties with the Religious Society of Friends without necessarily being in its membership. Born in the mind of Rufus M. Jones, Quaker mystic and teacher, it came into being in 1936. Now one of the programs of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas, it has more than three thousand members in some 80 countries.

The Fellowship periodically mails to its members packets of selected literature reflecting Quaker thought, service, and spiritual search.

To join this Fellowship one has only to write a letter asking for association and sharing some explanation of how he or she is acquainted with the Society of Friends. There are no criteria for membership. The program is supported by the donations of members. While many members are unable to contribute financially, the generous contributions of others enable the work to continue.

FWCC, Section of the Americas, 1506 Race Street, Philadelpha, PA 19102 USA

Submitted by Andrea Palmer at the request of her daughter, Sara Palmer.Telephone number for WQF: 215-241-7293

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