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James M. Graham III, Consulting & Engineering, Inc.

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James M. Graham III, Consulting & Engineering, Inc. was founded in June 1990 and marketed our first products, Reservoir Runner electric outboard motors in the fall of that year. We are committed to providing the most efficient and powerful electric outboard motors for primary power on our lakes and waterways.

From the very beginning our philosophy has been that efficiency of operation is essential to the practicality of electric power for boats. The weight of batteries needed to store energy is a limit to operating time and distances; improved efficiency reduces the electrical power needed to achieve a given boat speed, producing high performance as well as long operating ranges. We use custom permanent magnet motors specifically designed for high efficiency and light weight, reducing the power requirements by 20%. A Kort Nozzle boosts propeller efficiency by 50 to 70% compared to a standard outboard motor propeller of the same diameter, at the speeds achieved by electric boats.

A boat powered by a Reservoir Runner can travel up to twice as far on a charge (compared to a boat powered by a series wound motor and a conventional propeller, using the same batteries and traveling at the same speed). The Kort Nozzle also encloses the propeller, protecting it from damage, and making it safer around swimmers and wildlife.

The usefulness of a propulsion system involves more than power and efficiency at full power. A very important issue is the amount of control one has over the speed of the boat, and how efficiently one can manage his power. We use an electronic Pulse Width Modulated controller to provide infinitely variable speeds while minimizing power losses. This controller allows speeds that match exactly the needs of the moment, whether trolling at low speeds, maneuvering while docking, cruising at the most efficient speed for long distance running, or a quick sprint in a fishing tournament to beat the competition to your "honey hole". Reducing the speed of a boat reduces the battery power requirements dramatically; a 20% reduction in speed doubles the run time, and a 50% reduction gives eight times the run time.

In addition to Reservoir Runner electric outboard motors, we also custom design Pulse Width Modulated speed control systems for series wound or permanent magnet motors. We can provide controllers to handle voltages from 24 to 72 volts, and currents of up to 150 amps continuously. We will be pleased to quote on your needs.

Please contact us at the above address or send E-Mail with the link below if you wish to order a Reservoir Runner or a controller, or have any questions about our products.

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