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Reservoir Runner Prices

August, 1996

All prices are F.O.B. Westminster, Maryland. Packing and crating are extra. Delivery in our truck is $1.00 per mile (one way) per shipment, with no packing required.

Reservoir Runners Are Available In Several Configurations
Description Price
Reservoir Runner 500-T, Short Shaft, Tiller Steered $3995.00
Reservoir Runner 500-R, Short Shaft, Remote Controlled $4095.00
Reservoir Runner 500-T, Long Shaft, Tiller Steered $4035.00
Reservoir Runner 500-T, Long Shaft, Remote Controlled $4135.00

Automatic Battery Chargers

Automatic battery chargers provide better battery maintenance with the assurance of a full charge without overcharging. Simply put, this means batteries will last longer, provide longer run times, and will require less attention.

We recomend Lester Electrical Lestronic II chargers for conventional wet cell batteries. Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Gel Cell batteries require special charging characteristics in order to prevent overcharging and premature failure. The Bycan chargers are a custom design that provides these characteristics.

We will be pleased to advise you on your choice of chargers and to quote on other chargers if the following models are not suitable for your needs. We are a Lester dealer and can supply any charger they make, and Bycan will design for us custom chargers for special needs. All of the chargers listed may be operated on a standard 115 volt 15 amp. ac outlet. Due to their power requirements, no other loads should be placed on that circuit while charging is taking place. A 20 amp outlet will allow additional loads.

Battery Chargers
Charger Model Price
Lestronic II, 48 volt, 25 amp $385.00
Lestronic II, 60 volt 20 amp $460.00
Lestronic II, 72 volt, 16 amp $469.00
Bycan, 60 volt, 20 amp $750.00
Bycan, 72 volt, 16 amp $750.00

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