The Reservoir Runner 500 Electric Outboard Motor

The Reservoir Runner 500 Electric Outboard Motor

The Reservoir Runner 500 sets a new standard for primary power electric outboard motors. It uses a custom designed permanent magnet motor, a Pulse Width Modulated speed control and a ducted propeller system to deliver a combination of power, control, efficiency and quietness never before available in an electric outboard motor. Both tiller and remote models are offered, and batteries of 48 to 72 volts may be used.

Speeds of 11 MPH have been attained in a light weight boat! A 16 foot boat, weighing 1600 lbs. loaded, can reach over 8 MPH. Speeds attainable in a given boat are dependant on the battery voltage, and the length, weight and hull design of the boat. A long, narrow, flat bottomed boat is easier to push than a wide Vee hull.

A permanent magnet electric motor, engineered for the highest efficiency, performance and reliability, was designed for the Reservoir Runner 500. It is lighter and 20% more efficient than most series wound motors, using less current for the same power output. This motor produces 4 Hp. at 48 volts at a 75 amp draw on the batteries, and 6 Hp at 60 volts and 90 amps. This allows more run time before recharging the batteries.

The PWM speed controller provides continuously variable speeds and the highest efficiency in battery usage. It is so efficient that at trolling speeds as little as 1 or 2 amps of battery power are used. This controller has built in safety features such as current limiting and over temperature protection. In a 72 volt system, the controller limits the motor voltage to 60 volts. The additional battery(ies) provide over 20% more run time.

Reservoir Runners incorporate a ducted propeller system or Kort Nozzle. A Kort Nozzle features a hydrodynamically shaped duct, enclosing a high thrust propeller, to minimize turbulence losses and produce exceptional thrust and efficiency. The efficiency of a Kort Nozzle can be 50% to 70% higher than an open propeller on an electric boat, producing boat speeds 15% to 20% greater without using additional power from the batteries! At a given boat speed, run times are extended 50% to 70%. The propeller is also protected against hitting stumps and rocks, is safe around swimmers and won't tangle fishing lines.

The Reservoir Runner has the thrust of an electric outboard, having a series wound motor and an open propeller, that uses up to twice as much battery power!

The tiller steered model 500-T has a twist grip speed control on the tiller handle. A key switch and an ammeter are mounted on the front of the motor hood. A gearshift lever is on the right side of the motor.

The Reservoir Runner 500-R is remotely steered and electrically reversed. A control box, including the key switch, a speed control knob, a forward/reverse switch and an ammeter is mounted on the boat's console. Steering is accomplished with standard remote steering gear. This model is suited to aluminum bass boats, pontoon boats and other boats having a console, and to smaller boats with stick steering.

The ammeter, which displays the current draw from the batteries, is particularly useful because it shows the boater how speed changes affect power consumption. This allows planning trips without the fear of running out of power before returning to the launch ramp.

Batteries are charged by simply plugging the charger into a receptacle on the side of the motor (or into a receptacle mounted in a convenient place on the boat).

The OMC outboard motors used as the mechanical base for the Reservoir Runner are very rugged and reliable, and are rubber mounted, isolating vibration from the boat and insuring quiet operation.

Reservoir Runners are protected against defects in parts and workmanship by a one year limited warranty.

© 1996, James M. Graham III

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