Reservoir Runner 500 Specifications

Reservoir Runner 500 Specifications

Output Power

Approximate Weight

Run Times

Run times are determined by the size of the battery system and by the current draw of the motor. The following examples represent some typical configurations, but other combinations may be more appropriate for your application. Batteries are more efficient at delivering a stored power when the current draw is low compared to the size of the battery; a small battery at high current will deliver a lower percentage of its capacity than will a large battery at the same current. Any battery will deliver more of its capacity at low speeds than it will at high speeds.

Since the power required to push a boat at displacement speeds varies as the cube of the speed, a speed reduction of 20% will cut the current draw in half, more than doubling the run time. Running at half speed will provide well over eight times the run time of full speed.

Approximate Run Times at Full and Half Speeds

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