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Pardon our appearance, we're still having our first cup of joe. Hello, and welcome to the Urban Legends Information Page.

This page was created to help you get yourself oriented in alt.folklore.urban and to help you find out more about urban legends.

"May Your Sky Always Be Yellow".

A collection of posts written as a Festschrift for Casaday, May 8th, Richard Casady's birthday, here.

Information on the "youth going to hell" quote that some ancient philosopher supposedly wrote, here.

A couple of legends having early morning coffee

go get 'em

Want to know more about an urban legend you've heard? Search for info about an Urban Legend.

cool summer reading

Here's a list of books about Urban Legends you might want to read.

take two and call me in the morning

Thinking of participating in the newsgroup, or wondering why you didn't get a red carpet reception when you did? Read The Ten Commandments of AFU.

hi Lizz

Top Ten "What, no pictures?" Emergency Room Stories are fictional -- see author Edward Martin's page at

corn this high

See the elephant.

ooh la la

French Urban Legends with babelfish translations.

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