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If you have spare ARCNET cards or hubs which you would like to donate for a research project or sell for 2 or 3 dollars apiece, please contact Michael Kaufmann at Michael writes:

Hello, I'm searching for old, used ARCNET cards to build a very big computer cluster. For this research project we need to connect over 1000 computers via ARCNET to run the work parallel. We have already 400 cards and need about 700 more. What type of cards do we need? We can use nearly all old ARCNET cards. 2,5Mbps, 8 or 16 Bit ISA, coax bus or star, all controllers are o.k. Unfortunately, this is a low budget research project. So we can only pay 2-3 dollars per card. If you would like to give us your old ARCNET cards for this research project, please send me an email.

View and print out the ARCNET Trade Association Survey survey.doc and associated documents canvass.doc and annexd.doc.

We now have, courtesy of Michael Kaufmann, an archive of the ARCNET list messages. Point your browser to to examine our archives.

If you know someone who works with or is interested in ARCNET, please pass this invitation along. Thank you!

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