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What is Freedom Astrology?

Freedom Astrology is an email list. This list was founded for free discussion of astrology, tarot, and other systems of philosophy, the ways these can interact with science, and the way these systems can help us live better, more self-directed lives. Topics may be wide-ranging and unless they become horribly repetitious or obviously irrelevant and unentertaining, they will not be restricted.

We will value form, logical structure, and accuracy, as well as surprise, poetry, fun, and spirit, in the contributions to this list. No one will be expected to excel in all of the above simultaneously!

Enjoy yourself and stretch your mind.

JoAnne Schmitz, listop of freedom

  • Our few rules.
  • Instructions for how to use the list.
  • Suggestions on posting.
  • Some Links

    1. Rules

    Libel (untrue hurtful statements about another) is prohibited.

    Privacy must not be breached. Do not quote private email without the permission of all parties involved. If you have received email that says "please distribute" then this constitutes permission and you need not seek permission again.

    Copyrights must be honored. You must attribute your sources every time you quote from another's work.

    Willfully breaking these rules may result in your name being deleted from the list.

    2. How to use this list.

    If you have a problem and don't know how to handle it, if these instructions are unclear, or if you are a little shaky with the technology stuff and would prefer I do something for you, please email me at and I'll help.

    I want to join the list. How do I do that?

    Visit: and fill out the form. Select a password which will allow you to change your subscription and unsubscribe, and select whether you want to receive the regular version of the list or the digest.

    You will receive a confirmation from the server, which you must respond to (to keep other people from subscribing you without your knowledge). Once you confirm your subscription, you're on board! Welcome!

    If you filled this out correctly, you will receive a confirmation from the server. If you're joining one of the lists, you will receive a new member informational packet. Once you get that, you're on board! Welcome!

    Wow! Now I'm a member. How do I send a new message on a new subject to the list?

    Send your message to:

    How do I reply to a message I got from the list?

    If you wish to reply to the WHOLE LIST, just do what you would normally do to reply to any email that you get. The messages are set up so that all replies go back to the list.

    If you wish to reply PRIVATELY TO THE PERSON WHO WROTE THE MESSAGE, you will have to delete the freedom list address in the TO: space in your mail software, and replace it with the name of the person who sent the message. Always check twice to make sure you are not sending private mail publicly to the list.

    3. Suggestions.

    These are only suggestions, but it is my experience that they make for a good discussion on a list.

    Ignoring these suggestions will not result in anything being done to you.

    some links

    You can look at our Members List which is constantly being updated.

    Cell Salts and the Signs, a fascinating treatise on the signs and our physical bodies.

    We now have books available through this web site from, the world's biggest bookstore. Check back often to see what we've added.

    Clark Stillman tells us that Access: NewAge is part of the astrological and New Age community. These folks are generally knowledgeable about the material they sell. You can reach them at

    Thanks to our kind host the Cola Mail System.