INTJ-Open Email List

JoAnne Schmitz, list-op.

This document last updated July 8, 2003.

New!: INTJ-Open email list FAQ about unsubbing, top-posting, and all that jazz.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing using this web page.

Rules which you must follow.

Suggestions which you may choose to follow.

How an email list works 

General Information about the character of the INTJ-Open email list.

HTML and Mime (and how to avoid them). 

Links you might enjoy.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing.

I want to subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the list. How do I do that?

Visit: and fill out the form. Select a password which will allow you to change your subscription and unsubscribe, and select whether you want to receive the regular version of the list or the digest.

You will receive a confirmation from the server, which you must respond to (to keep other people from subscribing you without your knowledge). Once you confirm your subscription, you're on board! Welcome!

Because of too many recent cycles of

"add me to the list"

followed one day later by

"take me off this @#$%! list NOW or I'll have you reproted for SPAMMINGE!!!1!"

I have made it a policy for now to require people to subscribe on their own so that they are familiar with the subscription/unsubscription procedure.

If you have a questions, please email me at

Please also check to see if this is the list you think it is. Look at the bottom of the messages you are receiving and see if it has my email address ( there. If not, that message did not come from my list and I have no control over it; it's run by an entirely different person. Here is the link to that other list's web site:

How it works.

Wow! Now I'm a member. How do I send a new message on a new subject to the list?

Send your message to:

How do I reply to a message I got from the list?

If you wish to reply to the WHOLE LIST, just do what you would normally do to reply to any email that you get. The messages are set up so that all replies go back to the list.

If you wish to reply PRIVATELY TO THE PERSON WHO WROTE THE MESSAGE, you will have to delete the intj-open list address in the TO: space in your mail software, and replace it with the name of the person who sent the message. Always check twice to make sure you are not sending private mail publicly to the list.

General Information.

This is an email list by, for and about people who are INTJ according to the Myers-Briggs classification.

You don't have to be INTJ to be a member.  Some of our long-time members are other types, most notably INTP.  INFP sometimes has a fatal attraction as well.

You don't have to agree with the INTJ point of view (whatever that is) to be a member of the list.  Be aware, however, that if the source of the difference of opinion is really type-related, you're not likely to convince us to be something else.  INTJs more than any other type believe in themselves and trust their own judgment. 

Live with it.

HTML and Mime.

Please don't post HTML and Mime to the list.  If you do, someone will probably tell you to stop.

An excellent reference for finding out why and how to stop posting HTML and Mime in email is:

If you don't need to know why, you can scroll down to the list of email clients and find the one you're using, click on the link, and follow the instructions.

If you want to know why, I think the material at the top of that page covers it pretty well.



  1. You cannot post commercial messages to the list (aka SPAM).
  2. You must be civil on this list.  You can attack an idea, but not the person who espouses the idea.  "That's really stupid" is okay.  "You're really stupid" is not.  I am the final arbiter of uncivility on this list.


These are only suggestions, but it is my experience that they make for a good discussion on a list.

Ignoring these suggestions will not result in anything being done to you.


INTJ FAQ by Amanda Doerr.