Pheasant Meadow Farm's

Charlie Bandito

The International Miniature Donkey Registry's only current 4 **** STAR
Registered Herd Sire. The only way a sire can reach this status is
if enough of his offspring have been rated as superior quality 3 Star
status. The most well known and respected herd sire in the U.S.A. and
Canada! This 32-1/2" brown jack continues to amaze us by consistently
producing foals with superb conformation and in a variety of colors from
solid jet black to light silver gray. When Charlie's not doing his job,
put a 3 year old child on his back and take them for a ride!
That's the laid-back kinda guy that he is.

Bo Jackson

International Miniature Donkey Registry 3 *** STAR Registered Herd Sire.
Bo is a young jack working his way up to 4 Star status!
He's compact, black with some brown tones, 31". He's
got all the color, size and disposition you could want. He's Impressive!

Pheasant Meadow Farm
has retired it's breeding program after 25 years of producing superior quality miniature donkeys.
CHARLIE BANDITO and BO JACKSON are now owned by Bill Wray, Wrayland Farms, in Cochran, Georgia and they are
still producing outstanding offspring.
See Mr. Wray's impressive advertising in Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine.

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In Memory of Billy
May 16, 1976 - May 18, 1998
The Best Damn Quarter Horse There Ever Was