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Can't find any books on Miniature Donkeys?
We've written and published the only two in existence!

"Caring For Your Miniature Donkey" SECOND EDITION

ISBN 0-9658547-2-8

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TONS of health care and training articles applicable to ALL SIZED donkeys! The best "ASScyclopedia" available!!!

370 PAGES of comprehensive health care. The ONLY book ever written and published on Miniature Donkey health care. This is a great book especially for new owners who have so many questions. The book covers all aspects of:

Don't GUESS at how to care for your donkeys, GET THE FACTS!

It also includes a complete photo-by-photo guide on trimming donkey hooves saving you hundreds in farrier costs. ONE eliminated farrier visit will pay for the cost of this book!!!

Two special training articles written in easy-to-understand detail:

Teaching Donkeys to Lead and Teaching to Drive beginning at step one.

Written in easy-to-read, layman's language. The perfect gift for you, your veterinarian or the buyers of your donkeys!


"Donkey Foaling Manual"

ISBN 0-9658547-3-6

Dedicated to all Miniature Donkeys in the hope that your human friends can assist in bringing your foals into the world healthier and happier

Partial List of Contents: The book starts at step one and discusses breeding donkeys, Chapter 2: The Pregnant Jennet; Chapter 3: Getting Ready For The Foal; Chapter 4: The Foaling Process; The Foaling Process in Photos; Chapter 5: Jennet Aftercare; Chapter 6: The Newborn; Chapter 7: Foal Illness and Disease; Chapter 8: Weanlings; Chapter 9: Jacks; Chapter 10: Misc Health Care; Chapter 11: Buying, Selling, Marketing.

If you are breeding donkeys, you simply cannot AFFORD to be without this book!

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