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Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine
The BEST Magazine available for these delightful pets! The Talk of the Donkey World!
This magazine has all you'll ever need to know! The magazine is absolutely PERFECT
for the NEW OWNER as well as established breeders! Published since 1987!
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Miniature Donkey Books
The only two BOOKS ever published for Miniature Donkeys can both be purchased from Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine.

ORDER ONLINE - Donkey Supplies, Tack and Gift Items for your donkey

Donkey Supplies, Tack and Gift Items for your donkey

Donkey Details
To read lots of details about Miniature Donkeys, such as, color, health care, reproduction, feeding,
personality, communication, cost, conformation, where to buy, guard donkeys, and the Most Common Newbie Questions

International Miniature Donkey Registry
Miniature Donkey Breeders Listing

Miniature Donkeys For Sale

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