International Miniature Donkey Registry

The official registry for Miniature Donkeys! IMDR was incorporated in 1992 by popular demand from breeders, owners, buyers and sellers who wanted reasonable registry prices, professionalism, an accurate and useful computer database, and an organization who would use all membership fees to promote Miniature Donkeys. All of these people got their wish! IMDR has earned the respect of breeders around the world!

IMDR: The official Miniature Donkey Registry for today and the future.


Official Registry Website and Registration Forms are Here: Int'l Miniature Donkey Registry

For Miniature Donkeys 38" and under
PO Box 982, Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813

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Size Classification:
Class A: 36" and Under
Class B: 36.1" to 38"

Five easy steps to apply for Registration: You do not have to be a member of IMDR to register a donkey, however the registration fees are more expensive if you are not a member. See fee schedules below.
1. Call IMDR for Registration Applications.
2. Take pictures. The registry needs two photos of the left side, and two of the right side. These may be duplicates. One set goes on the back of the regisration certificate and the other set goes on file with the application. Take photographs in good light so all identifyable marks can be recognized.
3. Fill out the application form and all pedigree information. Pedigrees are not required for registration, but if they are known they should be indicated.
4. Complete the owner and breeder information on the form exactly as you want it to show on all registration certificates.
5. Enclose all with appropriate fees by check or enclosed credit card information.

IMDR Membership Information Membership is not required

Registrations and Transfer Fees: Permanent: Over 2 years of age $20
Temporary: Under 2 years of age $20
Pet or Gelding: $20
Transfer from any other registry to IMDR: $10

Special IMDR Rating Program: IMDR has a special donkey rating program. This computer generated conformation grading system is unique and of great help to new buyers. When considering buying an adult donkey with IMDR registration papers, ask the seller what the IMDR Rating is on the donkey. Ratings are based strictly on conformation. A Two, Three or Four Star rating means that you are purchasing a quality animal. Write IMDR for details.

Official Miniature Donkey Breed Standards For Full Details visit IMDR

Conformation Faults

Head: Roman nosed, thick muzzle, too small nostrils, too small eyes, ears that flop, head too large
Teeth: Overbite or Underbite in excess of 1/4"
Neck: Ewe necks, too thin; too short and thick.
Body: Sway back, excessively long or short; roach back, chest too narrow
Hindquarters: Narrow hips; pointed hips; too high tail set; croup too high
Legs: Any serious deviation from straight legged both in front and back; excessively toed out or toed in, cowhocked, forearm longer than cannon
Feet: Hooves too upright or slacking backwards; long upright pastern, short upright pastern, club foot
Jacks: One or two retained testicles

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