...but what do you DO with 'em??

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Donkeys are very entertaining. They're funny to watch. Foals love to run and play with each other. Adults often get into the act trying to catch up with their kids and eventually give up and stand still while their babies run by them in circles. Mothers continuously discipline their foals and it is very interesting to observe.

I have often heard lately "...donkeys are good for the soul". Unlike others in the equine family, if you go out in a pasture of donkeys, you will quickly be surrounded by them, rubbing up against your legs, begging for attention. Their owner's love is very important to them. If you chose to ignore them, they'll let you know their dissatisfaction by grabbing your pants leg in their mouth and pulling.

Donkeys are fantastic pets for the elderly, handicapped and small children. Small children not only learn responsibility for caring for an animal but can also ride donkeys. They are much easier to train than ponies and most willingly accept a child on their backs. Donkeys are generally much smarter than other equine. If they come across a situation that they fear may hurt them or that they are unsure of, they will stop and look everything over before proceeding. The old wives tale of donkeys being stubborn, is actually their sign of intelligence. It is a rarity indeed for a donkey to kick their handler.

Donkeys are more apt to run when in doubt of a situation. It is also extremely rare for a donkey to show anger at a human. Probably the most enjoyment people get out of their donkeys is driving them. Donkeys are fast learners and it's fun!

Many, many people take their donkeys to nursing homes and elementary schools, petting zoos and farm shows. They are such a quiet, laid-back, rare animal that these functions welcome donkeys with open arms. They are perfect for nativity scenes. With the rising interest in keeping physically fit, many donkeys are used as pack animals. You can buy packing outfits for your donkeys and have them carry a picnic lunch for you or camping supplies for overnight adventures.

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