Claimant Information

How to apply for payment of Ordered Awards from the Fund:

  1. Complete and return to the Uninsured Employers Fund the form entitled "Order for Information".

  3. Request a hearing from the  Workers' Compensation Commission to claim benefits.

  5. All demands for payment of ordered medical procedures, requests for medical evaluations, stipulations and/or settlements must be sent to the employer with a copy to the Uninsured Employers Fund.

  7. Upon default by the uninsured employer (as defined by Section 9-1002 of the Labor and Employment Article) the claimant may apply to the Director of the Uninsured Employers Fund for payment unless the employer has timely filed an application for review or notice of appeal.  A letter indicating all efforts to collect, including copies of all correspondence to the employer, must be submitted to the Uninsured Employers Fund.

  9. Although not required, it is recommended that a claimant obtain the services of an attorney.