Support Services - Rules & Regulations

1. Privacy

(a) Your personal privacy is very important to us. We will not release any of your information to other parties unless required by appropriate authority to do so. Prior to any disclosure, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you.

(b) You may have your username as an alias. You may choose any username as long as there are no duplicates in the username list and subject to technical limitations of the system (i.e. up to maximum of 8 characters). Your username will appear in your newsgroup postings and electronic mail. Your username is your "login" authorization.

(c) Usually electronic mail messages and newsgroup postings will have a comment field, and most users will want to use their real names. However, you may have your real name removed from the comment field, so that only your username will be shown in your newsgroup postings and electronic mail. You may enter any appropriate comment in your comment field.

(d) Quantum has the right to reserve certain usernames for internal use.

(e) We do not read, examine or inspect the information contained in user files, electronic mail messages or newsgroup postings, except for troubleshooting purposes, and only with your consent.

2. Internet Billing

(a) For hourly SLIP/PPP Service, any connect time used beyond your daily or monthly allotment is billed at the rate of $1/hour.

(b) Disk space is limited to 10 megabytes. Any amount over the limit is billed at $1 per megabyte of disk space per month for the average disk space utilized during the month. For example if your daily average disk space usage is 13 megabytes for a month, then we will bill you $3 for 3 megabytes over the free 10 megabytes disk space.

(c) Billing of time connect charges will be in 15 minute increments (or portion thereof) i.e. 8 minute will be billed for 15 minutes and 17 minutes will be billed for 30 minutes. We will bill you every month for connect time accumulated.

(d) You will be billed monthly for the previous month's (i) disk usage charges (over average of limit) and (ii) for all time connect charges. Invoices are due upon receipt.

(e) An invoice for monthly charges due will be sent via electronic mail. If you pay by credit card you will be sent an electronic mail notice showing the amount charged to your credit card.

3. Account Suspension & Cancellation

(a) You have the right to cancel your account at the end of the contract period upon 10 days written notice.

(b) Quantum reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel any account in accordance with the provisions of the Quantum Service Agreement and these rules and regulations.

(c) Monthly service is not prorated. After 30 days, if you do not continue your membership for the full contract period, you will not receive a refund for cancellation of service.

4. Uploading Restrictions

Do not upload, to Quantum servers, any commercial software or any software that is subject to distribution limits. See paragraph #2 of Quantum Service Agreement.

5. Change of Terms, Conditions and Services

(a) We reserve the right to change the prices, terms and conditions of service, at any time, upon 30 days notice via electronic mail.

(b) Upon notice of any such change your rights are set forth in paragraph 14 of your Quantum Service Agreement.

6. System use policies - Shell users

(a) The operating system does not prevent you from doing some things that may cause harm to the system or to other users. For example, a malicious or negligent user can create a large number of processes and overload the system.

(b) All users are expected to use good judgment. A flexible, friendly atmosphere can be maintained if everyone uses the system with care.

(c) Use restrictions are as specified in the Quantum Service Agreement, plus all applicable laws, statues, rules, regulations and other legal obligations.

(d) Background processes are not permitted.

7. Information Policy - News Groups

Quantum will not censor anything that is received or sent from/to the Internet. Some newsgroup material may be offensive. If you don't like a newsgroup, just "unsubscribe" (check help information in your favorite newsreader) that newsgroup. We respect your choices. You are free to post an article to any newsgroup as long as you follow the proper etiquette. We want to give you as many reasonable choices as possible. Consequently, requests to limit choices will usually not be viewed favorably.

8. Procedures

(a) Use of our services, systems, servers, and facilities constitutes your agreement with these rules and regulations and the Quantum Service Agreement. If there is a conflict between the Rules and Regulations and the Quantum Service Agreement, the Agreement takes precedence.

(b) If you have questions or any suggestions related to these Rules and Regulations, please send your comment via electronic mail to

9. User Responsibility

(a) Quantum does not censor, limit or control any information that is received or sent by our system, except in accordance with the provisions of your Quantum Service Agreement and applicable law. We will rely on the complaints from (i) other users on the Quantum system, (ii) users on other hosts on the Internet, and (iii) such other information as may come to our attention. We will take immediate action against any Quantum customer who abuses any Quantum facility or service.

(b) In addition to the provisions of your Quantum Service Agreement and applicable law, the following (by way of illustration only and not by way of limitation) are NOT acceptable uses of the Quantum facilities: (i) Messages broadcast, communicated and/or transmitted, which are perceived in any manner, directly or indirectly, as threatening, inappropriate, annoying, offensive, or pornographic. (ii) Messages which, through their frequency of transmission or any other factors are deemed to constitute harassment. (iii) Any "Spamming" of any user on the Internet.

(c) Quantum will review all complaints or instances of inappropriate use brought to its attention and will take appropriate action including termination of the customer's account if necessary.

(d) If you have any complaints about other customer's use of Quantum facilities, or if you are subject to any inappropriate use of our services/facilities, or if you are made aware of any such conduct/use of services, please notify us at once. Contact us via electronic mail at Please be as specific as possible.

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Use of Quantum's services, systems, servers, and facilities, constitutes the customer's agreement with Quantum's Rules and Regulations, and the Quantum Service Agreement, both of which are subject to change without notice.

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