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faded-keyboardNeed a presence on the internet for your business? Want an e-mail address at
Don't feel like running your own web or mail server? Let host your website and e-mail for you! Web/E-mail Hosting

  • As much space as you need, from 5 GB up
  • Your website is hosted on multiple high speed connections - no slowdowns due to traffic
  • As many e-mail addresses as you need, from 150 up
  • Register your own domain for just $25 per year
  • Server side scripting - PHP, Perl/CGI
  • Database access - MySQL, PgSQL, Microsoft SQL
  • Webalizer Statistics - See who is visiting your site, and how often
  • Web management interface - Manage your site and e-mail from one web interface
QServe Starter QServe Professional QServe Enterprise QServe Developer QServe Webmaster
Monthly Fee $25 $40 $65 $89 $125
Setup Fee $25 $25 $25 $25 $25
Domains  2  4  8  12  20
Site Size  5GB  7.5GB  10GB  20GB  50GB
Traffic  1GB/mo  2GB/mo  5GB/mo  10GB/mo  15GB
E-mail Addresses  150  300  450  600  1000
E-mail Forwards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Autoresponders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Discussion Lists  10  20  30  40  50
MySQL Databases  5  7  10  20  50
Statistics  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
SSL  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
CGI  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Perl  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
PHP  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Server Side Includes  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Server Logs  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Front Page  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Webmail  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
mod_perl  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Custom Error Pages  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Annoymous FTP  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Apache ASP  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Basic Spam Filtering  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
E-mail Virus Scanning  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark

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QIS can provide web hosting for businesses across the USA!
We have servers in multiple locations including Carroll County and Baltimore Maryland!

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