How to setup email accounts for:

Mobile Devices(Smartphones, Tablets, etc)

Each device will have a slightly different interface for adding mail but all will use the same settings.  For Apple products, this link ( will help you get started.  For Android products, this link ( will help you get started.
Here are the general settings you need: (We recommend using the IMAP protocol for your Quantum accounts.)

Incoming Mail Settings:

  1. Username: [Your email address minus  For example, sample would be the username for]
  2. Password: [yourpassword]
  3. Incoming server:
  4. Port: 143 for IMAP (recommended) or 110 for POP
  5. Incoming server requires SSL: No
  6. Security type (if applicable): STARTTLS or TLS

Outgoing Mail Settings:

  1. Outgoing server:
  2. Port: 587 for POP and IMAP
  3. Outgoing server requires SSL: No
  4. Server requires authentication: Yes (If prompted, use the same login as your incoming settings)
  5. Security type (if applicable): STARTTLS or TLS

If you are unsure of a setting, or if mail is not working for some reason, please contact Quantum's technical support at 410-239-6920.


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