FREE Internet For Life


It's very simple:


  • Refer as many individuals or businesses to Quantum as you can.
  • When 5 or more referrals become new Quantum customers, your Internet will be FREE.
  • Should one or more of your referrals cancel service, your monthly bill will resume until you find replacements.


Your referrals must purchase service equal to, or greater than, your service. You do not have to be a Quantum customer to qualify for this program. However, you must be able to qualify for Quantum's service in the area where you live or work, so when 5 referrals sign up, you will be able to receive free Internet.

We suggest that you call us with your referral's contact information in advance, so, when a referral calls us, we'll be sure to give you credit for the referral, or click here and fill out our referral form.

Please contact us at 410-239-6920, or 1-888-889-4NET should you have any questions about our Internet for Life program. Service is not available in all areas.




  Quantum provides service in Carroll County and the Baltimore metro area!

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