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Employees   Lost Productivity   Lost Employees
25   $78,125   1.50
50   $156,250   3.00
75   $234,375   4.51
100   $312,500   6.01
200   $625,000   12.02
300   $937,500   18.03
400   $1,250,000   24.04
500   $1,562,500   30.05
1000   $3,125,000   60.10

QGuard MX Business E-mail Security

Quantum's QGuard MX is an e-mail security service that protects your business from spam, viruses and other e-mail infrastructure attacks. QGuard MX is one of the most effective anti-spam services available, capable of blocking up to 98% of junk e-mail. Unlike software-based e-mail security products, QGuard MX requires no costly hardware and software upgrades, no ongoing maintenance, and no software licenses to manage. QGuard MX is compatible with all domains and most mail servers, including older legacy servers. Why should your business use QGuard MX?

  • Cost Effective - QGuard MX is purchased as a subscription, billed monthly. There are no costly up-front licensing or installation fees, and no hardware or software upgrades. Pricing is only $2 per month per user, with quantity discounts available.
  • Secure - QGuard MX acts as a front-end for your mail server. E-mail is quickly scanned for spam and viruses before it reaches you. QGuard MX is your first line of defense and will bear the brunt of malicious attacks that have been directed at your mail server.
  • Reliable - In the event your mail server crashes, or Internet connectivity fails, QGuard MX will queue waiting e-mail, ensuring no loss of messages.
  • Easy to Use - QGuard MX is administered via a self-management web site. Each user has access to personalized settings and a spam message quarantine. Additionally, an administrator can be designated, who will have complete management control over all users, and can easily add or remove new users and modify the settings of existing users.
  • Flexible - Don't have a mail server? Quantum can still help. Please call us for details. What does Spam cost your business? The cost of spam in lost productivity can be enormous. The table above shows the annual cost of spam for various sizes of businesses. The table assumes an average hourly wage of $20 with a 25% overhead factor and 30 minutes per day per employee spent dealing with spam.


To calculate the cost of spam for your business, please use our Spam Calculator .


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