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We’ve had many business customers complain about weak WiFi signals they have experienced in their offices. Over the years we have tried many different brands of equipment to solve that problem, and rarely did they achieve the solutions we were hoping to find. Finally, we discovered Plume®, and now we are happy to say that all of those problems have finally been resolved.

With WorkPass™, Powered by Plume®, not only does a business have the best WiFi connection that adapts to business needs, WorkPass also provides intuitive management of the office network, enterprise network security, motion awareness, and staff management whether managers are on-site, or not.

The solution for all the old WiFi problems is simple. Just install Plume’s tri-band SuperPod hardware (which can replace routers if desired), and connect it to the WorkPass™ app and begin a new life experience. Below is a summary of WorkPass features:

 SuperPod with WiFi 6 and WorkPass™ Powered by Plume®

  • Protect data and block threats with AI based enterprise grade security
  • Control guest networks, security settings, device access, and more
  • WiFi signal disruptions are monitored by the app
  • Stronger and faster than WiFi repeaters, and/or, a single router
  • Manage staff with engagement and productivity tools
  • Excellent performance with multi-gig connectivity
  • The mobile app is easy to install and use
  • Local pod access is completely shut down for security purposes
  • All transmissions to the cloud are encrypted
  • Automatically receive new services and updates via the cloud
  • Access to cloud data is only permitted via VPN for security purposes
  • Tri- band mesh network is managed with a mobile app
  • Failover reliability provided by Amazon data center
  • The SuperPod is attractive with a low-profile design 
  • Gain sales insights from real time customer behavior analytics 


Please call us today at 410-239-6920 or 1-888-889-4NET, and let us help you set up WorkPass™ for business. For information about our Service Protection Plan please click here.

Additional surcharges, taxes, and tax recovery fees may apply. Service may not be available in all areas, and service is subject to final confirmation by Quantum. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Quantum provides service in Carroll County and the Baltimore metro area!

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