How to setup email accounts for:


1.  Open Thunderbird, then click the icon at the top right with the three thick bars to open up the menu.
2.  Hover over Options, then click Account Settings.
3.  At the bottom left, click Account Actions to open up the menu
4.  Then click Add Mail Account...
4.  Enter your email address and password.
5. Click continue.
6.  The auto-configuration should fill in the correct settings required for mail.  Make sure IMAP is selected.  Click Done.
7.  You may get a pop-up to add a security exception ("This site attempts to identify itself with invalid information").  Make sure Permanently store this exception is checked at the bottom.
8. Click Confirm Security Exception.
9.  You should be finished with adding the mail account, and should be able to receive mail.  If you experience another security exception pop-up when trying to send mail, repeat step 7.

If you are unsure of a setting, or if mail is not working for some reason, please contact Quantum's technical support at 410-239-6920.

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