Quantum’s Service Protection Plan


Quantum does not charge for service visits needed to repair Quantum-owned facilities, and/or, equipment the Customer has leased from Quantum. All equipment purchased from Quantum is guaranteed for one-year. Equipment and facilities leased from Quantum are guaranteed for as long as the Customer has Quantum’s service.

Service charges may apply in certain situations if leased or purchased Quantum facilities, and/or, equipment, is not the source of the problems the Customer is experiencing. However, if the Customer is experiencing problems not related to Quantum’s service, Quantum’s techs will offer the Customer free advice, to the best of their ability, to help resolve such issues.

The Quantum Service Protection Plan protects the Customer against service charges for visits to diagnose and repair Quantum installed circuits for Quantum’s Internet, and/or, voice services. Additionally, the Service Protection Plan includes service visits to diagnose problems relating to the connection between the Customer’s router, and/or equipment, and Quantum’s services. The Residential Service Protection Plan is only $2.95/mo., and the Business Service Protection Plan is only $5.95/mo.

The Service Protection Plan begins on the day the Customer’s new service becomes active! Also, it is risk free, and may be cancelled at the end of the contract term, or, at any time service is terminated, subject to the provisions below.

Service Protection Plan Features

Service Protection Plan includes:

  • Replacement or repair of defective in-premise wiring installed by Quantum for use with Quantum’s services and equipment.
  • Replacement or repair of Customer-owned in-premise wiring, which shall include one circuit and outlet for use with Quantum’s services and equipment.
  • Diagnosis of problems relating to circuits that may be used to connect Customer-owned equipment to Quantum’s services.
  • Customer telephone support and advice to help resolve any problems not related to Quantum’s services, circuits, or equipment. Quantum techs will also help with any questions the Customer may have about Quantum’s services.

Service Protection Plan does not include:

  • Repair of inaccessible in-premise wiring.
  • Repair of electrical wiring.
  • Repair or replacement of Customer-owned equipment, unless purchased from Quantum, and still in warranty.
  • Installation of new Internet or telephone outlets, or optional moves, or reconfigurations of existing outlets, or jacks.
  • Repairs to wiring, or devices, used to deliver services delivered by any provider other than Quantum.
  • Replacement of wiring, outlets, equipment, etc., destroyed by fire, natural disaster, wildlife, vandalism, gross negligence, or deliberate damage.

Service Protection Plan Definitions

Network Interface Device (NID) Customer wiring begins where wiring exits the Customer side of the NID to service the Customer’s residence. Repair and maintenance of wiring outside the residence, beyond the NID Point, is Quantum’s responsibility, except for wiring that is owned or provided by a third party, i.e., another service provider.

Equipment Rented from Quantum includes any equipment provided to the Customer by Quantum and is included in the Customer’s service order agreement, or separately charged. This equipment would usually include standard modems, wireless modems, bonded modems, single, or multi-port routers. Miscellaneous cables, connectors, outlets, etc. are not considered rented equipment.

In-Premise Wiring means wiring that the Customer, or the Customer’s Landlord, owns from the Demarcation Point to the individual jacks and outlets in the premises that can be used for Quantum services.

Inaccessible in-premise wiring includes wiring that is behind sheet rock, brick, metal, cinder block, plaster, or similar existing structural elements that cannot be serviced without breaching and damaging the structure.

Customer Equipment means any equipment or components owned or provided by the Customer. 

Except as expressly set forth herein, Quantum shall not be liable for any damages (including indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind) arising from work performed under the Service Protection Plan. Quantum makes no warranties, express or implied, under the Service Protection Plan, and specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The Service Protection Plan terms and conditions are in addition to, and not in lieu of, Quantum’s Internet and Telephone Service Order and Agreement, which may be found at http://www.quantel.net/regulations. Other terms and restrictions may apply.

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Use of Quantum's services, systems, servers, and facilities constitutes the customer's agreement with Quantum's Rules and Regulations, and the Quantum Service Agreement, both of which are subject to change without notice.


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