How to block spam before it hits your inbox

Quarantine Spam Email

Quantum email accounts have the ability to quarantine detected spam and blacklist and whitelist senders as needed. If you are receiving too much spam, you can change the settings as needed to reduce the impact.

Logging into the spam settings interface:

1. Go into Settings link at the top of the Quantum website.

2. Log in with your username and password. Your username is your Quantum email account minus For example, the username for would just be george.

3. Once logged in, click Spam Settings.

4. At this screen, you can see your current quarantined emails.

5. Click on D to delete the email from your quarantine if undesired and R to resend the email to your inbox if it was legitimate.

Messages will be stored in the quarantine for 7 days before being purged automatically. If you need to retrieve a deleted email that was deleted no longer than 14 days ago, please call tech support at 410-239-6920 for a special retrieval procedure.

Spam Threshold, Blacklisting, and Whitelisting

6. Once logged into the spam settings interface,

7. Click on Preferences at the top.

8. You can go back to the quarantine interface by clicking Quarantine at the top next to Preferences. Here, you can change your spam threshold, blacklists, and whitelists.

For the spam threshold settings, you have three different options:

Tag Subject will mark each incoming detected spam email with a ***SPAM*** tag.
Quarantine Spam will redirect detected spam to the quarantine instead of sending it to your inbox.
Spam Threshold determines how strict the filter is from 0-10, with 0 being the strictest and 10 being the least strict. If you receive a lot of spam, you may want to lower the threshold to 3 or lower.

Blacklisting will block any email or domain that meets any entry on the list. For example, adding will block while adding will block ALL incoming emails from Be careful when blacklisting as you may inadvertently block an unintended sender if the entry is not specific enough.

Whitelisting will allow any email or domain that meets any entry on the list. This is useful if the spam filter is catching a sender that is legitimate. If a sender is on both the blacklist and whitelist, the blacklist will take precedence, so check your blacklist if a sender is whitelisted and not coming through.

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