How to - Troubleshoot Modem Disconnects

56K modem technology uses regular phone lines to obtain speeds comparable to single channel ISDN at a lower cost. Two different types of 56K technologies were developed, K56flex and X2. These technologies have been replaced by the v.92 standard, which Quantum supports.

Although users may experience problems when using 56K modems, most will find them an economical way to boost surfing speeds. Problems that some users will experience may be because of their location in relation to their phone company's Central Office (CO). Some phone companies (including Verizon) have designed networks that utilize remote terminals, which create additional analog/digital conversions in the circuits between their customers and the Central Offices (COs). Because of these additional analog/digital conversions, the chances of obtaining a 56K connection is a hit-or-miss proposition, but fast connects are still attainable in many regions.

If you are thinking about buying a modem to connect to Quantum's service, we recommend the following:

Line Quality Check

To check for noise on your phone line, plug a telephone into the same jack as your modem. Pick up the handset and dial a single key on its keypad. Listen for any noise. You should hear dead silence. If you hear any hissing, scratching, humming or crosstalk, you will need to have the phone company check out your line. Even the most faint noise will impair your modem. Insist on a noise-free line from your telco.




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