How to setup email accounts for:

Windows 10 Mail App

  1. Open the Mail App
  2. Under the list of options under Choose an account, select Advanced Setup.
  3. Select Internet Mail.
  4. Enter in the following:
  5. Account name: QIS mail
  6. Your name: <your name>
  7. Incoming mail server:
  8. Account type: IMAP4
  9. User name: <your email address minus> (“test” if your email was
  10. Password: <your password>
  11. Outgoing (SMTP) email server:
  12. Outgoing server requires authentication: Yes
  13. Use the same user name and password for sending mail: Yes
  14. Require SSL for incoming email: No
  15. Requires SSL for outgoing email: No
  16. Click Sign-in



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