How to set up e-mail accounts for Windows

Before you change your email settings, you should decide if you want to access your email by using the POP, or IMAP protocol.

IMAP has largely supplanted POP as the protocol of choice since it keeps email on our server. This allows you to be able to delete and manage your emails from one device, and any changes will be shown on a different device. For example, if you receive an email from Amazon on your phone stating that your order has shipped, and you want to read it later, it will appear on your computer when you check it at home.

POP is an old protocol for checking email, and it has been quickly falling out of use. It was developed before cell phone and tablets existed. When you check your email using POP protocol, email is removed from our server and downloaded to your computer. In the above example, the email you receive from Amazon will be downloaded to your phone, but, when you go home to check it on your computer, it won't be there.

Should you need to add a new Quantum email account, or have forgotten the password to your Quantum account, please call accounting at 410-239-6920.

For IXIMD customers, use for the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

For web hosting customers, use mail.[yourdomain].[com/net] for the incoming and outgoing mail servers instead of for any mail client. For example,

Modern Mail Clients

Legacy Mail Clients

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